So, why may I be the WebApp Wizard? Well, it’s not as pretentious as it might sound. It all started when a friend of mine told me about the way he saw web development: a blurry, mysterious field.

Web development never confused me that much, so I tried to know a bit more about his feelings. The fact is:

  • He didn’t know about any IDE
  • He couldn’t imagine a way to separate clearly business logic from display
  • PHP was the only web language he knew about, and the old-and-dirty way was the only way he knew about PHP
  • JavaScript? There are frameworks/libraries for this? Really?
  • Apache? Holy crap, you really do have to configure that thing? :-)

That was a long time ago, and now all this is way clearer in his mind, and I’m sure he would be a good web engineer or developer. Anyway, he emphasized the fact that web development requires lots of knowledge in many languages and technologies. I didn’t realize this, learning one thing after another, increasing my knowledge in various fields, day after day. You really have to stop and look back sometimes, just to have a look at what has been accomplished since the beginning.

So in this way, like any other passionate WebApp designer, I’m a WebApp Wizard. :-)

Who do I work for? In fact, I just co-founded my own company, 4wonders. Guess what? We make WebApps. I’ll let you know here or on twitter about our new products or services.

Apart from designing, coding and using WebApps, I really am into guitar making too. It takes lots of time, so I can’t make as many as I would like to, but you’ve got to make choices sometimes. And when I’m not making a guitar, I just play it.

Here is who I am.

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