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When creating an attractive outdoor environment in housing areas, it is essential that the solution is tailor made to meet the needs and wishes of both the residents and the housing developer. A well designed outdoor environment that activates children as well as adults is an asset for the existing residents and can attract new residents to the area.

We will work closely with you as a partner to identify the needs and requirements of the residents. In close dialogue with you as a partner, we identify the needs and requirements of the residents. Younger children need activities that they can use alone and activities that requires parental support, all within an environment where they can meet new friends. Teens and families need areas where they can meet and be socially active. We also see an increasing need for activating teenagers and the adult population, e.g. through outdoor Sport & Fitness equipment. The result is a complete and unique, tailored outdoor solution that offers the best possible value for the specific users, the area and the housing developer.

When ds足球比分 provides solutions for housing areas, there are various elements which need to be considered:

  • Inhabitants who will be using the site.
  • The play area and surroundings are a meeting place across generations.
  • The skills and experience that the play & sport solution shall promote and support.
  • How the area must be designed and divided in order to support users of all ages with different types of activities.
  • Give adults a strong incentive to be physically and socially active.

Everybody needs public spaces. ds足球比分 focuses on all facets of play and movement, from design to installation, safety management and maintenance.

No compromises are made in regards to our high quality standards, ensuring you low maintenance and high durability making sure you can rely on our solution. This combined with an outstanding warranty secures your investment for many years to come. Because there is plenty of choice in the ds足球比分 assortment each housing setting will appear tailor made and unique.